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Utah Culture Digital Story Project
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In this lesson, students will research, organize and create a 2-3 minute digital story about 1 of 3 different cultures that have influenced Utah's culture. They can choose from the Fremont People, the Ute Indians, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Pioneers. There are some background lessons and information that will need to be covered in order to finish this final project for 4th grade Utah Social Studies Standard 2 Objective 1. These lessons are linked and highlighted in the Teacher Background section of this lesson plan.There are a few worksheets and mini-lessons (that can be taught in a synchronous manner) associated with this final project that could take 2-3 days to complete and then the digital story can be finished in an hour or two. The final presentation and the mini assignments could all include small group discussions, whole class instruction, and could easily be tailored to teach to students learning virtually.The mini-lessons and supplimental information were found through the UEN website and a youtube video by Nick Epling. Other articles and sources are listed in the materials.

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