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Welcome to the United States Constitution eMedia hub. In this hub, you will find a collection of civics and history resources intended to support educators in teaching about the Constitution of the United States of America. It provides access to various educational resources, including lesson plans, videos, readings, web resources, and course materials. Many of the resources have been aligned with Utah Core Curriculum standards. Hub resources have been organized into collections based on topic, grade level, and content provider. This hub will continue to grow as more resources are curated!

The purpose of the United States Constitution Hub is to

  • promote understanding of, and education about, civic rights and responsibilities as well as the history and practical implementation of the United States Constitution,
  • curate educational resources from USBE, UEN, Utah Civic Learning Collaborative partners, and other providers related to the U.S. Constitution,
  • and meet legislative requirements to provide resources to stakeholders related to U.S. Constitution education.

American Founders and Constitution Month

Sept. 6, 2023, 10:45 a.m.

September 17th is Constitution Day, and the Utah Legislature has designated the month of September as “American Founders and Constitution Month.” Utah LEAs, schools, and teachers can use the following resource created by the Utah State Board of Education to engage K-5 students in learning about the United States Constitution. The resource includes a "Constitutional Fitness" program, progress trackers, and certificates.

American Founders and Constitution Month Constitutional Fitness

Constitution Fitness Program

Constitution Fitness Tracker

Constitution Fitness Certificate (K)


Additional Resources

Attention Educators!


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  • Visit the Utah Civic Learning Collaborative's "Civics-Related Professional Development & Events" webpage at placeforallutah.org/events.


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Constitution Websites

  • The following websites contain additional educational resources about the United States Constitution.

Annenberg Foundation  Annenberg Foundation - Free classroom resources for teaching the Constitution
Ben's Guide  Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government - Let Ben teach you how our government works and how to fulfill your civic responsibilities.
Bill of Rights Institute  Bill of Rights Institute - Primary-source-based, ready-to-use lesson plans for history, government, and civics classrooms
Center for Civic Education  Center for Civic Education - A collection of lessons for teachers to use on Constitution Day
Colonial Williamsburg  Colonial Williamsburg - Multimedia, slideshows, video, downloads, podcasts, blogs, games, online exhibits, and more
Constitution Facts  ConstitutionFacts.com - Find the entire text of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Order U.S. Pocket Constitution books.
The Constitutional Dictionary  Constitutional Dictionary -  A glossary of terms used in the Constitution from U.S.Constitution.net
Constitutional Rights Foundation  Constitutional Rights Foundation - Interactive programs and resources for teachers and youth
ConSource  ConSource - Comprehensive, easily-searchable, free digital library of historical sources related to the creation, ratification, and amendment of the United States Constitution
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History  Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - Provides teachers, students, and the general public with unique primary source materials related to American history
iCivics  iCivics - A web-based education project designed to teach students civics and inspire them to be active participants in our democracy
Kids in the House  Kids in the House - Educational and entertaining information about the legislative branch of the United States Government for students of all ages
Library of Congress  Library of Congress: Classroom Materials - Lessons, primary sources, and presentations
Library of Congress  Library of Congress: Constitution Day Teacher Resources - Lessons from the National Archives using primary source documents
The Charters of Freedom  National Archives: America's Founding Documents - Images of the original Charters of Freedom with accompanying information and articles
The Charters of Freedom  National Archives: Observing Constitution Day - Activities and programs to help you celebrate Constitution Day

National Constitution Center

  National Constitution Center - Videos, curriculum, online classes, live events, and historical documents related to the U.S. Constitution
The Supreme Court of the United States  Supreme Court of the United States - Provides a look at the legal system and allows you to follow Supreme Court cases
ThoughtCo  ThoughtCo: Constitution - Articles related to the U.S. Constitution


  UShistory.org - From the Independence Hall Association. Online educational presentations about American government and history

U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

  U.S. Capitol Visitor Center - Lessons, videos, activities, and virtual tours related to the U.S. Capitol and the U.S. government
Youth Leadership Initiative  Youth Leadership Initiative - Free login for teachers. Lesson plans, activities, and engaging projects related to the U.S. Constitution and other civics-related topics