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LitFlix November 2023

The resources in this collection can help support your study of the literature and films featured in season 2 of UEN LitFlix.

Month: November 2023


  • November 3 – Turn of the Tide (1935) Based on “Three Fevers” by Leo Walmsley, a feud between two fishing families takes a turn when their children fall in love.

  • November 10 – Legend of the Sea Wolf (1975) A gentleman challenges a brutal captain in this adaptation of Jack London’s “The Sea Wolf.”

  • November 17 – Call of the Wild (1972) A sled dog learns how to survive the Klondike by following his instincts. Based on Jack London’s novel.

  • November 24 – The Son of Monte Cristo (1941) A freedom fighter battles a ruthless dictator in Jules Lermina’s unofficial sequel to Dumas’ classic novel.

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Critical Ways of Seeing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in Context
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Huckleberry Finn opens with a warning from its author that misinterpreting readers will be shot. Despite the danger, readers have been approaching the novel from such diverse critical perspectives for 120 years that it is both commonly taught and frequently banned, for a variety of reasons. Studying both the novel and its critics with an emphasis on cultural context will help students develop analytical tools essential for navigating this work and other American controversies. This lesson asks students to combine internet historical research with critical reading. Then students will produce several writing assignments exploring what readers see in Huckleberry Finn and why they see it that way.

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