This is a 5 day unit about validating sources on the internet and social media.  It is taught so that students understand and respect the obligations of using social media wisely before sharing and the importance of giving credit to creators through citing sources.  It is a blended unit with a final project to be done in Apple's Keynote where students will show what they have learned in a slide show to other students in the class. They will be able to practice what they learn in class and become better at research, validating sources, and spotting fake news. Image citation - “Say Thanks to Pxhere - Free Images & Free Stock Photos - Pxhere.” Pxhere.com, https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1361501.
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High School
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Heidi on Aug 05, 01:19pm

I went through the standards with a fine tooth comb and took six of them out. Although there are still 23, my hope is that someone will pick and choose a section or idea that they like and work it into their own lesson. I hope that this lesson helps to jog a teacher's creative mind so that they can create something that works best for them, building off of what they might see in this lesson.

Johanna on Aug 04, 04:45pm

Wow, this is an amazing resource! I saved it to use in my own class. The only thing I would change is maybe not having aligned to so many resources, even though it applies to all of them! At the same time, I may have remixed this to align it to middle school ELA standards. I love how the nearpod addresses fake news in a common misconceptions way!

Heidi @Johanna on Aug 05, 01:22pm

Thank you Johanna! I hope you can use something from this lesson.



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