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    Read - Theo's Mood

    Read - Theo's Mood


    Child(ren) will read the book Theo's Mood with an adult for the first time. Story will be re-read several times during the week.


    Child(ren) will be introduced to the book Theo's Mood and read with an adult for the first time. Story will be re-read several times during the week.

    Theo is the main character in the story and he is not exactly sure how he feels about having a new baby sister at home.  This book explores and explains different events that can make a person feel a certain way. 


    The book Theo's Mood written and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

    Background for Teachers/Parents

    Vocabulary with definitions:

    jealous - feeling unhappy because someone else has what you want

    proud - feeling pleased about something that you have or have done that excites you

    afraid - you think something bad might happen

    scared - frightened or nervous about something 

    feelings - something you feel inside when you think about things


    Instructional Procedures

    1st Read

    2nd Read

    3rd Read

    Ask these questions before reading the book. 

    Today we are going to read a story about Theo and the many different feelings he can have about one event.  Listen closely to see if you can find out what that event is.

    Yesterday we talked about Theo and a big event in his life.  That event caused him to feel many things.  Listen closely to identify those feelings.

    We now know you can have many different feelings related to one thing.  Today as we read, I want you to think about things that make you feel jealous, afraid, or proud.

    After the book is read, follow up with the following questions.

    What was the event that caused Theo to have all of those feelings? (a new baby sister)

    What emotions did Theo feel when thinking about his baby sister? (happy- grandma is here for a week, jealous- mom has less time to spend with Theo, afraid-he may drop the baby, sad- he is not daddy’s one and only, mad-has to be quiet when the baby sleeps, proud- most of all)

    We now know how Theo felt.  What are some things that have happened to you to make you feel jealous, afraid, or proud?

    Writing Prompts to tie to understanding of the story content.

    What event happened to cause Theo to feel so many things in the story?

    Which feeling do you most relate to when thinking about Theo and all the things he felt over one big event?

    What is something that makes you proud, jealous, or afraid?

    *A more detailed planning approach to repeated reading can be found by taking LETRS for Early Childhood Educators written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats

    Time Frame & Group Size

    Time Frame: 15-30 minutes

    Group Size: Individual or small group


    Main Standards: 

    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.3
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.4
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.5
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.8
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.9
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.2
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.4
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.5
    • ELA 4 yr.2.7
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. .2.13
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.17
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.18  

    Additional Core Standards: 

    • HE 3 yr.3.1 and HE 4yr. 3.1
    • ELA 3 yr. 3.1 and ELA 4 yr. 3.1
    • ELA 4 yr.3.2
    • ELA 4 yr 3.3



    Jamie Robinson

    with LETRS written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats