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    Read - Mel Fell

    Read - Mel Fell


    Child(ren) will read the book Mel Fell with an adult for the first time. Story will be re-read several times during the week.


    Child(ren) will be introduced to the book Mel Fell and read with an adult for the first time. Story will be re-read several times during the week.

    Mel is a kingfisher bird that lives near the water.  Kingfisher’s eat small fish.  Mel is a young bird that is learning to fly.  She has many friends and neighbors that try to catch her as she falls and that also cheer for her when she successfully flies. 


    The book Mel Fell written and illustrated by Corey R Tabor

    Background for Teachers/Parents

    Vocabulary with definitions:

    siblings - brothers and/or sisters in a family

    fond - really like

    barely - so close you almost missed

    snapped - to move quickly in order to surprise someone


    Instructional Procedures

    1st Read

    2nd Read

    3rd Read

    Ask these questions before reading the book. 

    As you read the physical copy of the book, point to the words as you read to model how books are read from top to bottom, left to right, and front to back.  

    The title of the book is Mel Fell.  I wonder where she will fall from?  Let’s read to find out where she fell from and what happened as she fell. 


    Yesterday we learned that Mel was scared to try something new, but she succeeded.  She had many friends trying to help her along the way.  Listen to the order of friends as we read today.

    The last page talks about Mel being a special bird called a Kingfisher.  Listen for details about this bird, what they eat, and where they typically live. I also want you to think about a bird that you have seen.  Where does it live?  What did it like to eat?

    After the book is read, follow up with the following questions.

    Where did Mel live and where did she fall from?  How did she feel about leaving the branch? How did she feel once she got back home?

    Who were Mel’s friends and neighbors in the story?  Let’s list them in order.

    What do you recall about kingfisher birds? If you have seen a bird before, what do you recall about where it lived and what it liked to eat?

    Writing Prompts to tie to understanding of the story content.

    Why did Mel fall? Where did she fall into?

    Which one of Mel’s friends was your favorite?

    What do you recall about kingfisher birds or birds that you have observed before?

    *A more detailed planning approach to repeated reading can be found by taking LETRS for Early Childhood Educators written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats

    Time Frame & Group Size

    Time Frame: 15-30 minutes

    Group Size: Individual or small group


    Main Standards: 

    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.3
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.4
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.5
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.8
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.9
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.2
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.4
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.5
    • ELA 4 yr.2.7
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. .2.13
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.17
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.18  

    Additional Core Standards: 

    • LLP 3 yr. 2.4 and LLP 4 yr. 2.4
    • ELA 3 yr. 1.2 and ELA 4 yr. 1.2
    • ELA 3 yr. 3.1 and ELA 4 yr. 3.1
    • ELA 4 yr.3.2
    • ELA 4 yr 3.3

    Add a science activity to target:

    • Sci 3-4 yr.3.2 


    Jamie Robinson

    with LETRS written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats