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    Read - Dream Snow

    Read - Dream Snow


    Child(ren) will read the book Dream Snow with an adult for the first time. Story will be re-read several times during the week.


    Child(ren) will be introduced to the book Dream Snow and read with an adult for the first time. Story will be re-read several times during the week.

    This book is about a Farmer and his five animals.  The farmer goes about his daily chores and rests.  As he rests, he dreams of falling snow.  When he wakes, he discovers it has snowed and realizes it is close to Christmas and he wants to celebrate with his animals.  


    The book Dream Snow written and illustrated by Eric Carle

    Background for Teachers/Parents

    Vocabulary with definitions:

    cozy - comfortable and warm

    gently - soft and slow

    wintry - cold and looks like frost or snow

    slung - to put something over your shoulder


    Instructional Procedures

    1st Read

    2nd Read

    3rd Read

    Ask these questions before reading the book. 

    Looking at the cover and reading the title, I wonder what the farmer is going to dream about. Let’s read the book to find out

    Yesterday we read about the farmer and his animals.  Today as we read, I want you to pay close attention to the names of the animals and why you think the farmer named them as such.  Would you give them the same names as the farmer did?

    This time as we read, I want you to pay attention to the items the farmer dresses in before he goes outside.  Why do you think he dresses that way and who do you think he may look like to his animals?

    After the book is read, follow up with the following questions.

    What did the farmer dream about?  (snow).  What did the snow cover in his dream?  Did the snow actually cover the animals or something else?

    What are the names of the animals?  (One-horse, Two-cow, Three-sheep, Four- pig, Five-rooster)  Why do you think he named them those names?  Would you have named them differently?  If so, what  names would you have given them?

    What did the farmer dress in?  Why do you think he dressed that way? (gloves to keep his hands warm and dry, boots to keep his feet warm and dry, etc.)  Do you think he looks like anyone? 

    Writing Prompts to tie to understanding of the story content.

    What did the farmer dream of?

    Which animal is your favorite in the story?  

    Do you know anyone that looks like the farmer in our story?  Who?  What can you tell me about that person?

    *A more detailed planning approach to repeated reading can be found by taking LETRS for Early Childhood Educators written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats

    Time Frame & Group Size

    Time Frame: 15-30 minutes

    Group Size: Individual or small group


    Main Standards: 

    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.3
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.4
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.5
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.8
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 1.9
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.2
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.4
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.5
    • ELA 4 yr.2.7
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. .2.13
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.17
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr. 2.18  

    Additional Core Standards: 

    • Sci 3-4 yr.1.2
    • ELA 3 yr. 3.1 and ELA 4 yr. 3.1
    • ELA 4 yr.3.2
    • ELA 4 yr 3.3



    Jamie Robinson

    with LETRS written by Lucy Hart Paulson and Louisa C. Moats