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TSG@MIT Physics

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The Technical Services Group (TSG) at MIT's Department of Physics provides technical and teaching support for undergraduate courses at MIT. Our many rooms of physics demos, accumulated over the past century, display subtle physics concepts ranging from electromagnetism, to kinematics, to optics.

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Author: Matthew J Strafuss

CK-12 Biology (CA Textbook)

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Submitted as part of the California Learning Resource Network (CLRN) Phase 3 Digital Textbook Initiative (CA DTI3), CK-12 Foundation’s high school Biology FlexBook covers cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, botany, zoology, and physiology. This digital textbook was reviewed for its alignment with California content standards.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Douglas Wilkin Ph.D.

The Magic School Bus. Shows and Tells.

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It's the International Show-and-Tell Competition and Arnold and DA are representing Ms. Frizzle's class. Arnold brings a webbed hoop, left behind by his great-aunt Arizona Joan, the famous archaeologist, but he has no idea what it is! Using clues from the hoop and Joan's journal, the kids make educated guesses about its uses. To test their hypotheses, Ms. Frizzle turns the bus into a "Supposatron," a magical device designed to evaluate guesses. Can the kids solve the puzzle before Arnold and DA take the stage?