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    Frisbee Lesson Plan

    Frisbee Lesson Plan


    In this lesson plan, educators will teach their students basic throwing mechanics of backhand and forehand throws with a frisbee and apply what they learn in a game of Kan Jam.


    Author: Nicole Rockwood

    Subject: Fitness for Life: Frisbee Skills

    Grade Level: 9th-12th

    Lesson Length: 90 Minutes

    Background for Teachers

    Equipment Needed: 

    • Frisbee


    • Racket, birdie, backhand, and forehand

    Student Prior Knowledge: 

    • Students will have most likely spent prior time in their lives playing frisbee in the park, or seeing people play. Some students will have more experience with frisbee than others.

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Step 1 Goals and Outcomes

    Core Standards: 

    • Standard FFL.1.3: Participate in activities that promote health-related fitness.

    • Standard FFL.2.1 Apply the terminology associated with exercise in selected fitness activities.


    • Students will demonstrate the ability to perform the basic throwing mechanics of backhand and forehand throws with a frisbee, and implement it by playing a game of Kan Jam.

    • Students will demonstrate the proper techniques to catch a frisbee.

    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Step 2 Planning Instruction


    • If students are at a beginner level, or who have a disability making it harder to grip and throw the frisbee straight, give them the option to use the larger, cloth frisbees that are a lot of times easier for people to throw.

    • If a student is blind, or visually impaired, you can have their partner call out to them so that they know where to throw it during the practice throws, and put beepers on the Kan Jam game so that they know where to throw the frisbee.

    • If a student is in a wheelchair and can’t move as quickly to get misthrown frisbees, they can have an extra partner on their team that stands on their side to try and guide the frisbee into the top of the Kan Jam for throws that they cannot reach.

    • After every student has practiced the different frisbee throws, they can choose which one they would like to use for the Kan Jam games based off of their preference and skill levels.

    Step 3 - Instruction

    Step 3 Instruction


    • Beginners: For students that have little to no prior experience with frisbees, we will begin with progression and practice of different types of frisbee throws as a class.

    • Students will set themselves up to throw while we go over the following forms: 

      • Feet shoulder width apart

      • Aim shoulder at target

      • Frisbee grips

      • How to catch a frisbee

      • Backhand throw

      • Forehand throw

      • “Chicken Wing Throw” (Give beginners and intermediate players who haven’t mastered the backhand or forehand throws should work on that rather than moving onto this throw)

    • Advanced:

      • If a student is advanced in frisbee, becomes bored, and wants to be off task, give them the challenge to try each of the practice throws with their non-dominant hand to create more of a challenge. 

    Instructional Procedures:

    • Introduce the unit as frisbee and introduce them to the different frisbees that they will be using, how much they cost, where they can be found, etc. 

    • Separate students into partners based on their experience level and give each partnership a frisbee. They will be learning and practicing the basics of catching and throwing frisbees together. 

      • Backhand grips, basics of the throws, basics of the catches, practice with a partner.

      • Forehand grips, basics of the throws, practice with a partner.

      • Chicken wing grips, basics of the throws, practice with a partner.

    • Play Kan Jam 

      • Watch the Kan Jam rules and talk about them.

      • Each partner finds another partnership to play with. 

      • After each game, find a new team to compete against.

    Step 4 - Assessments

    Step 4 Assessments

    • Formative Assessment 

      • Students will demonstrate their ability and learning throughout the unit as I walk around and watch their form through the practice and game activities.

    • Summative Assessment 

      • Students will be asked to properly throw a frisbee or disc, they can choose whether to throw it forehand or backhand.

      • Before beginning the tournament, as students warm up, the teacher will walk around and grade students on their form.

      • Students will complete a quiz on Canvas about “Nutrition, Fitness, & Your Health” that we will be discussing at the beginning of the lessons throughout the unit on top of learning and playing frisbee games.