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    Only the Best Books Podcast

    Only the Best Books Podcast


    This lesson will help students learn how to create and record a podcast to promote a book using Anchor and music from Soundzabound. 

    Image by: Matt Botsford featured on Unsplash


    This lesson will show students how to record a podcast for their book report using Anchor and music from Soundzabound.  Students will have the choice to work with a partner or individually.  The podcasts the students record should be no less than 3 minutes.

    Time: 30 minutes

    Format:  Face to Face

    Background for Teachers

    Teachers need to be familiar with Soundzabound located in Utah's Online School LIbrary.

    Teachers will also need to be familiar with Anchor which is where students will be creating their podcast.

    Refer to the following resources to get an understanding of the process for creating a podcast.

    Goals and Outcomes

    Students will be able to creat a podcast using Anchor and Soundzabound.

    Students will be able to promote a book using the podcast template and different sound effects.

    Students will be able to evalute peer's podcasts.


    Planning Instruction

    Prior to this lesson students will need an understanding of podcasts.

    Brainstorm a list of reasons why students would need to create or listen to a podcast.

    Listen to a few different podcasts and have students listen for specific details such as: sound effects, attention grabbers, voice intonation ect.

    Refer to the following resources for more information.


    Background Knowledge on Podcasts

    Have a discussion with the class about what students already know about podcasts.  Ask them questions such as:

    What did you like best about the podcasts you have heard before?

    What were they about?

    What elements of the podcast did you notice such as the speakers voices, sound effects, introduction and anything else?

    Have students share the titles of some of their favorite podcasts.

    Have students listen to three different podcasts.  Select three podcasts from this website Play about 1-2 minutes of each podcast and have students complete the Podcast Analysis worksheet for each one.

    Have a class discussion about each of the podcasts and encourage students to share their analysis.

    Writing the Script

    After students have completed their novels they will be writing a script to promote their book to other students.  The script should include:

    • book title
    • short summary
    • reasons why this would be a good book for others to read

    Students will get their script approved by the teacher then students will go to the library to record their podcast.

    Recording the Podcast

    Students will go to the library podcast room to record their podcast.  The librarian will support students during the recording portion of this assignment.  If the librarian is not availble to do this, the teacher will take on this role in the classroom and provide a quiet place for the students to record.

    Students will be using Anchor to record and edit their podcast.  Each student will login using their Google credentials.  Students will click on "Let's Do It" when they are ready to record.

    Next, they will click on record. Students will clearly record their scripted speaking into the microphone. They will be able to playback and add more dialogue if their recording is not long enough.

    After they are done recording, they will visit Utah's Online School Library, click middle school, then Soundzabounds.  Students can explore all sorts of free music and sounds to add to their podcast.  When they have found something they like, they will click the download symbol on the right hand side.  Students will then return to Anchor, click Browse on the right hand side, select downloads and click the file previously downloaded. Click on Library and locate the file then click the plus sign to add it to your podcast.  Sound files can be moved around on the right hand side of the screen within the podcast.  Press the play button at the bottom of the screen to listen to the podcast so far and make adjustments. Students may also add music from the free file available on Anchor.

    Finally, students will download their completed podcast and share it with the teacher.

    Wrap Up

    Each student will place a Chromebook on his/her desk with their podcast up and ready to listen to.  A set of headphones will be plugged into each Chromebook and students will listen to each podcast in their group of four.  If the class is small, students could rotate around the room and listen all of them.

    Step 4 - Assessments


    After students have written and recorded their podcast, they will complete the Reflection worksheet.  Each student must complete their own if working with a partner.

    Students will listen to other student's podcasts.

    Teacher will listen to all podcasts and complete a rubic for each one.