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This is a final lesson in a unit teaching German food and drink vocabulary and restaurant customs and vocabulary. Students will review the target vocabulary and create a story to present to the class and demonstrate their knowledge of the vocabulary and understanding of German restaurant customs.Utah World Languages Core Standards for ProficiencyLearning Indicator NH.IC.5I can interact with others in everyday situations.  c. I can order a meal.Learning Indicator NM.PS.2I can express my likes and dislikes using words, phrases, and memorized expressions.  c. I can state my favorite foods and drinks and those I don't like.Learning Indicator NM.PS.5I can present simple information about something I learned using words, phrases, and memorized expressions.  c. I can talk about animals, colors, foods, historical figures, or sports based on pictures or photos.Thumbnail photo "Woman buys fruits at a German food market in Munich Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt" by verchmarco is licensed under CC BY 2.0.
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Christina Nelson on Aug 08, 11:46pm

I reformatted one of the sections so it would look neater and easier to read. I also added a link in Step 4 to a sample video. Final projects could be very different, but this is just an example of what it could be like. I also changed the assigned video length because 3-5 minutes would likely be too difficult. It is now only a 1-3 minute requirement.

Christina Nelson on Aug 08, 10:12pm

Thanks so much, Allie--I hadn't noticed the unusual formatting! I was able to fix it so it looks neater. I'm also glad you mentioned that 3-5 minutes could actually take a lot longer to accomplish. I changed the requirement to shorten it and make it a little more accessible.

Allie on Aug 08, 03:43pm

Something I like about this resource is the time in class for students to review the vocab before brainstorming and storyboarding.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is check the editing. I know this is nit-picking, but parts of the “Instructional procedures” drop down a line in the middle of the sentence. It might also help consider that it could easily take much longer for students to draw or find enough illustrations for the video to last 3-5 minutes, depending on how long each slide lasts.


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