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This is a one-day lesson intended to fill a 60-75 minute class period. It is intended to review basic safety and sanitation principles with students as well as extend learning into deeper topics. This lesson is intended to be a review, but also to fill in gaps in student learning and understanding. The worksheet aspect is so that students have a tangable take-away from the activity. It also slows them down and makes them absorb the information more. 
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Ashley on Oct 13, 11:53am

Hello Paige,
Something I like about this resource is that it is a game based lesson.
An opportunity to improve this resource is that your forgot to change the Background for Teachers section and it is still populated with the instructions.
Something I wonder about this resource is why all of the standards for this topic are listed. Will this resource be able to hit each of them?
A new idea to consider is instead of printing out a review sheet, could they add it to the google slide to keep it with all of the information they have covered?

Paige @Ashley on Oct 17, 10:22am

Ashely, thank you so much for the feedback. I did fix that background for teachers, and believe it or not, I do cover all the standards. Crazy I know, but otherwise I wouldn't have enough time. This is really a review mostly for students, as this is for an advanced course and students *should* have already taken the first course where we spend a little more time on all of this. I have used various iterations of this activity and have found that students really focus in on when they use the review sheet. The review sheet is meant to slow them down and force them to focus on the specific content for each area.


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