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In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to research information about their favorite animal on World Book Kids.  They will take notes on the provided note sheet, and will include these facts in a short 2 paragraph report.   Citation for title image:"Polar bear hunting" World Book Kids, World Book, 2022. Online image, Accessed 07 Feb. 2022.
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Animal Report Lesson Plan
Lower Elementary
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Amy Nielson
on Sep 28, 01:51pm Evaluation

UT.SEEd.2.2.1: Strong (2)

With very little modification, all elements of the standard could be met.

Amy Nielson
on Sep 28, 01:51pm Evaluation

Quality of Technological Interactivity: Superior (3)

Great use of exploration in World Book Kids while providing modeling for those unfamiliar with the resource.

Amy Nielson on Sep 28, 01:45pm

This lesson is a great practice for second graders to research, evaluate information, and communicate through written paragraph(s) on habitats for a chosen animal. It allows for students to be grouped together as needs arise as well. Students should be introduced to World Book Kids prior to this lesson (although there is some teacher modeling). I appreciate the available student notes, teacher example of paragraph, and rubric to rate student's work.
One addition I would like to make is on the student notes, students could be encouraged to determine the temperature and participation of the habitat as well as type of habitat (water or land for example). These modifications could help better align to the standard. I would like to see student share their research with each other as well through an extension. This could be an oral sharing or a display in the classroom.

Erin Ropelato
on Mar 24, 11:03pm Evaluation

Opportunities for Deeper Learning: Superior (3)

This lesson includes working collaboratively, learn to learn, communicate effectively (in writing and speaking if they give an oral report), and applying knowledge to real -world situations.



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