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    Animal Report Lesson Plan

    Animal Report Lesson Plan


    In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to research information about their favorite animal on World Book Kids.  They will take notes on the provided note sheet, and will include these facts in a short 2 paragraph report.   

    Citation for title image:

    "Polar bear hunting" World Book Kids, World Book, 2022. Online image, Accessed 07 Feb. 2022.


    In this lesson, students will be using World Book Kids to research information about their favorite animal. They will be including information about the animal’s habitat. After they find the information needed, they will be writing a short report on that animal. 

    Background for Teachers

    Before this lesson, it may be helpful to teach students how to use World Book Kids to find information, so they can easily complete the assignment. The teacher will demonstrate using it during this lesson, but if students already have some background knowledge about it, the assignment will likely go a lot smoother. 

    Also, this assignment would be best to give after students have had other experience with writing information pieces. 

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    The main goals and outcomes for this lesson are that students gain experience and understanding of using World Book Kids to find the information they need. They will also be able to write a short report using the information they learn. 


    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of how to use World Book Kids.  They should understand how to get on the website and how to search for information. They should also understand how to write a paragraph with the information they find. 

    For students who have difficulty reading or working on their own, they may be paired with another student they can work well with. 

    Step 3 - Instruction

    The teacher will begin the lesson by going to World Book Kids on their computer and projecting it onto the whiteboard so the class can see. 

    Next, the teacher will tell the class that today they are going to be researching information about their favorite animal on World Book Kids and writing a short report about it. 

    Then the teacher will use the example of polar bears and go to World Book Kids to start searching for information. The teacher will show the class what the handout looks like that they will all be receiving. This handout will include what information they will need in their report, so that they can take the appropriate notes while doing their research. 

    Now the teacher will start searching for information on the handout, such as what type of habitats that animal lives in. Once the teacher finds that information, they will write it down on their piece of paper so that it can be added to the report. 

    Once all of the information needed has been found and written down on the notes page, the teacher will demonstrate going onto a Word or Google document to begin writing the report. Students will have a paper with what information they need, so they’ll know what is expected in the report.  The report needs to be at least 2 paragraphs. 

    Once the report is finished, students will either print out or submit the report to the teacher. (This depends on teacher preference.) 

    If desired, the teacher may have students present their reports to the class. They could introduce their animal and read a few important facts about it, or read the whole report depending on teacher preference. (This may need to take place on a separate day depending on time.)


    I have attached the student note sheet and the example that the teacher will use for the lesson. 

    Step 4 - Assessments

    Formative assessment: the teacher will ask if students have any questions before they begin the assignment, to see if students understand what they need to do. During student work time, the teacher should walk around and check to see if students are understanding and finding the information they need. 

    Summative assessment: the summative assessment will be the short animal reports that students write. The teacher will be able to tell if students were able to effectively use World Book Kids to write their report. The teacher will also use the included rubric to gauge student understanding.  

    I have attached the rubric that I created for this lesson plan.