This is a lesson plan that helps students identify the features of rational functions before they graph the rational functions.  They will identify the holes, horizontal and vertical asymptotes, domain and range, and the x and y intercepts.
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Kimberly on Jan 31, 06:14pm

Thanks for the lesson plan! I thought you were fairly thorough with the material, covering what the students should already know, outcomes, and assessment. I also appreciate the YouTube video as a refresher for the teacher.

I thought the examples and problems displayed a fairly wide range of types of rational functions. There are ones where factors cancel out, ones where they don’t, and ones that look like there could be factors that could cancel but don’t. Interesting that there is one with x^2+1 on the bottom, where the denominator will never be zero (unless you jump into the imaginary numbers realm) so there is no vertical hole, asymptote, etc. but there is a horizontal asymptote.

Do you have a version with the notes completely filled out?



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