This is a lesson plan to teach the timeline of Ancient China for 6th-grade social studies. 
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QIngwen Su on Jun 10, 01:59pm

Something I like about this resource is that this is Chinese DLI resource. This resource filled the blank while many English teachers don't teach ancient China in 5th grade Social Studies.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is in the powerpoint, it introduced what is a dynasty, while it doesn't illustrate historical events in the order of dynasties, or dynasties of the historical events has not been clearly pointed out.
I like the variety of technology tools and internet resources which are provided to the students, and a clear rubric chart has been posted out.
I also feel drawing a timeline is an important and necessary way for students to learn Chinese history which is obviously divided according to dynasties. If a sample or not completed timeline will help some students to get started easier.

Lindsay on Jun 07, 08:45pm

Hi! Thank you for sharing this resource. What a fun idea! I love doing timelines with students as a demonstration of learning at the end of studying a culture. I also love that you included a rubric.
Because you only have a ppt for Chinese immersion, that should be in the title - or you could provide lesson instructions for students in English to perform the task. Also, please delete the colored 1,2,3,4 etc that are part of the template and not relevant to your lessons.
Overall, great job!


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