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This is an activity where student identify and sort images of real world shapes. 
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Anya on Apr 14, 11:22pm

Thanks to those who gave some great suggestions. I have added the suggestion of a fun shape video as an introduction to the lesson and an alternative way of students being able to identify 3-d shapes in a different way.

Annie on Apr 14, 08:38am

Great job Anya! This looks like a really fun and practical lesson.
Something I like about this resource is the activity is simple and fun, but also meaningful.
Although I like it the way it is, one idea would be to offer the worksheet in color.
I was wondering if any accommodations or adaptations would be needed for ELL and Special Education students
One new idea I thought of was this cute shapes video with Nick Jonas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIRdMFo-h4U

Anya @Annie on Apr 14, 02:33pm

Thanks, I love the video. I think my students will love it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Megan on Apr 12, 10:45am

Something I like about this resource is the connection it makes to real objects. Often it is harder to distinguish between shapes in real life. I also like that the resource includes sorting a task students need to know well.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource might be taking it to actual real object rather than just pictures of real objects.
Something I wonder about this resource is maybe another interactive activity to see how those shapes work together. There are lots of games on pbs kids that use shapes and how they work together. That might be fun to add after they’ve looked at shapes independently.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource after students have completed their shape graphs to find an object in the classroom that fits into one of the categories on the graph and to tell what shape it is and why what attributes make it fall into that category.
This is a great lesson and I think students would really enjoy it!

Anya @Megan on Apr 14, 02:35pm

I like the idea of finding real shapes. Thanks for the suggestion.

Mandy on Apr 12, 10:02am

Something I like about this resource is the way it connects basic shapes to real world objects. It makes shapes more relevant to the students.



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