Over the course of a week, each student will use an iPad to express their opinion on their favorite food through drawings/photos, written and spoken words. The teacher can combine the pages and recordings to create a class book read and explained from the students.  
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Carlie on Apr 14, 12:55pm

Thanks for the feedback Anya and Susan. I added in the option for flipgrid and adding a QR to share with families both of which I didn't know about before. I also explained more about what an opinion is. I broke the lesson more into I do, we do, you do. I kind of lumped the I do, we do together in my head so that was good to point out so I could be more specific for other people. I added a little bit more to my overview as well as adding opinion as a tag.

Anya on Apr 10, 09:58pm

Something I like about this resource is that students are able to demonstrate writing skills in multiple ways. An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to have students complete a "rough draft" of their writing. They would then look at writing piece and see if there is anything they want to add or correct before making their video. Something I wonder about this resource is do students need to have prior knowledge of opinion writing or could it be a little more introduced as part of the lesson. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is that for teachers who may not have ipads you could suggest that they have students use flipgrid as an option for making their videos.

Susan Jurkatis on Apr 09, 10:00am

Something I like about this resource is...You have differentiated for all learners. Those that are able to write more, have that opportunity. Those who struggle with writing are able to tell about their favorite food. Your rubric is written to let you know how the students have learned the content.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is...To help students be successful, I would include a shared writing experience in between the demonstration and where students write on their own, that way you are gradually releasing them to write (I do, we do, you do.) For example, as a class vote on a favorite vegetable or fruit, and write about that particular food together coming up with ideas for writing as a class.
Something I wonder about this resource is...Do the students understand what an opinion is? I didn't see any instruction on what an opinion is.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is...Create a QR code for each voice recording and share with parents/families.



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