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    Kindergarten Favorite Food Opinion Writing

    Kindergarten Favorite Food Opinion Writing


    Over the course of a week, each student will use an iPad to express their opinion on their favorite food through drawings/photos, written and spoken words. The teacher can combine the pages and recordings to create a class book read and explained from the students.  


    Students will create an opinion piece on their favorite food with an iPad through writing and drawings or/and photos. Students will also record themselves reading their piece and explaining what they have drawn or/and their photo choice.

    Background for Teachers

    In this lesson each student will use an iPad to express their opinion on their favorite food through drawings/photos, written and spoken words. Teachers will need to be familiar with iPads using an app that includes writing, drawing, photos, and recording capabilities such as Story Creator or Lensoo Create. The teacher will need to be able to demonstrate to the class how to use the app by connecting an iPad to a projector.  Another option, teachers could use chromebooks or/and flip grid to create videos for the recording.    


    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Step 1

    Students will be able to express an opinion orally on their favorite food, through writing and through drawings or/and pictures.


    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Step 2


    • Books on food

    • Board and markers

    • Dr. Jean's Banana Dance song (link at bottom of Instruction section) 

    • Paper

    • Crayons or colored pencils

    • iPads 

    Student Prior Knowledge

    Prior experience using an iPad.

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    For students that have a hard time writing, they can write a few letters/words or one sentence and explain in the auditory section more about their favorite food. For students who struggle drawing, they can include real photos with their drawings. ELL's in addition to the assignment could orally express their favorite food in their first language.


    The teacher could create a QR code of the book reading to share with parents/families.  

    Step 3 - Instruction

    Step 3

    Instructional Procedures

    Day 1

    1. Have class sing and dance to Dr. Jean's song Banana Dance (link at bottom of section).

    2. Tell the class we just danced about food and now we're going to read about more food.  Think about what your favorite food is while I read this story.  Read The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to the class. Brainstorm with class their favorite foods and write their ideas up on the board.  Tell students that we all have different things that we like not just in food but in everything and those are opinions.  What we think and how we feel are opinions.  Sometimes we like the same things and sometimes we don't.  Is it okay to like different things? Yes!  We're all different and that's great.  If we were all the same life would be boring.  Today we're going to choose one of our favorite foods which is an opinion. 

    3. Demonstrate how to use iPad and remind students of iPad rules.

    4. Use iPad connected to projector and pick a favorite food to draw. Talk through how we use shapes to draw and that it doesn't need to look perfect.  Then have a student choose a favorite food and draw it for the class.  Have students turn to a neighbor and tell them their favorite food. Have students go back to their tables to begin.  

    5. Walk around and help any students who haven't decided what their favorite food is by looking at student created list, through books and on their iPad. Students can use iPad to draw their picture or use paper and crayons and take picture on iPad.

    Day 2

    1. Demonstrate how to write about favorite food that they chose yesterday using descriptive words and sounding out unfamiliar words along with finding sight words on board.  For example: My favorite food is _______because__________.   

    2. Have the class help write about a favorite food together.

    3. Students write on their own with support from teacher. They can write with their finger on the iPad screen, type or write with a pencil take a picture and upload or a combination depending on the students skill level.  This could be done in small groups.  

    Day 3

    1. Show previous food picture and writing.  Go over how to revise.  Check if there's a capital at the begining of the sentence.  Check if there's spacing between words.  Check to make sure the sentence makes sense with the  picture.  Decide if you want to add anything to the picture or any more thoughts to the writing. 

    2. Show another food picture and writing that needs work to go through.  Have the class help fix and add to it.  

    3. Have students go revise their own work.  Go around and check each student's page.  

    Day 4

    1. Tell students they are going to record themselves reading their opinion on their favorite food and the picture they've drawn or photo choice.  Demonstrate how to record your voice reading your favorite food on the iPad. You could also have students use flipgrid to create a video of them reading it.  

    2. Have a student or two demonstrate how to record.

    3. Students take turns recording their voice reading/explaining their favorite food.  This could be done in small groups or one on one if needed.       

    Day 5 or later

     1. After the teacher compiles the pages of the students favorite foods to complete an illustrated book with an auditory reading from the class, share it with them.  


    Step 4 - Assessments

    Step 4

    Students will be assessed using the Favorite Food Rubric.