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This is a lesson plan designed to help students sequence a story.  Many of the strategies within the lesson plan will support your multi-lingual students. This lesson was used with 3rd grade, but could easily be adapted to suit other grade levels. 
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Emily Pace on Apr 10, 07:35pm

Based on the feedback I received I included another differentiation for multi language students which allows them to use pictures instead of words. I also added a youtube video to help hook students into the lesson and show them a good example of a completed sequence. The video has a good focus of signal words students can use in their retell. I also added additional assessment activities to give teachers some choice depending on the level of their students.

Debra Berkley on Apr 08, 01:14pm

Something I like about this resource is...
I like that it its collaborative and that it support multi-lingual students.

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is...
Another strategy for divers learners that might be good to add would be visual of the story to help with the sequencing.

Something I wonder about this resource is...
It's a very language rich activity which will be great for your learners to be exposed to. I wonder how difficult it will be for some to follow what is going that may not have as strong of language skills.

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is...
Consider adding technology maybe a youtube video to introduce the topic or a Nearpod activity, or another technology that might aid in understand or enhance the lesson. Do you have any hyper links to documents you are using in your lesson?



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