This activity is to assess whether Spanish 2 students have mastered the reflexive verbs which describe a daily routine for getting ready for the day. Students have been taught the verbs' meanings and how to conjugate them. Students have practiced writing, speaking and listening to these reflexive verbs for two weeks.The World Language Standard for Spanish 2 I would use is NH.PC.3 ¨I can present on familiar and everyday topics using simple sentences most of the time.¨ 
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Mike on Jul 15, 11:42am

The idea to have the students create slides and present them is great. As a Spanish teacher myself, I like how the presentations do not have any English on them. It is just a picture and Spanish phrases. The only part I did not like about it was the fact that it focused solely on the ¨Yo¨ form. If I were to remix/alter it, I would have them do the ¨Yo¨ form plus a different form (like ella or nosotros) for each slide.

Jonathan on Jun 30, 04:08pm

I love the vocabulary and support that the attached document contains. It's a great vocabulary list and grammar review for the reflexives unit that I teach in Spanish 2. The one thing I don't love about this resource is that it is somewhat incomplete since it doesn't include a presentation. Rather, it encourages the teachers to make one themselves.


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