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Creative Leaps: Inspiration from Contemporary Art and Dance
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Join Ririe Woodbury Dance Company and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts as we dance, doodle, and discover the dynamic world of contemporary art and dance! Creative Leaps guides K-6 students on a diverse journey to react and respond to amazing works of performing and visual art. Through an exploration of storytelling, elements, and the similarities and differences between art forms, students will be empowered to creatively and actively express their own ideas and feelings about the world around them and learn that sources of inspiration can be found everywhere.

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• Explore the basic elements of expression that contemporary visual and performing art are built on
• Discover similarities and differences of contemporary dance and visual art
• Learn that contemporary art is a way to actively express and respond to ideas, feelings, and topics that are present in our world today and represents diverse voices and backgrounds
• Be creative and use art to express themselves through various activities
• Understand that artists find inspiration through many different forms (for example - other works of art, human body and movement, the place or the environment the artist is in, or what is going on in the world)
• Observe and learn about contemporary artists as well as many forms of contemporary art in our own community and other communities (dance, sculpture, stop-motion film, painting, mural, representative work, and abstract work)

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