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How Badger, Skunk and Sage Hen Were Marked
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According to Paiute legend, the hawk and the coyote were not always animals as we see them now. Long ago, they were people, like you and me. The hawk was known as Kuhsawv, and the coyote was known as Soonungwuv. Coyote tales are part of the Paiute oral tradition used to teach proper behavio, natural phenomenon and values from an early age. These stories are only told during the winter time. The Coyote illustrates the mischievous nature in all of us. Students will listen to a Paiute tale and learn about folktales. They will also be introduced to the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, the location and how tribal members are working to preserve their language and culture. Students will also learn about how external structures and adaptations of animals help them to survive in their environment through a group activity. 

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Lorna Loy
Brenda Beyal
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