Elementary English Language Arts

Welcome to the Elementary English Language Arts Hub, where you can access high-quality teaching resources aligned to the Utah Elementary English Language Arts standards.

About Hub

The mission of Utah English Language Arts education is to enable all Utah students to become proficient in the area of literacy for the purposes of reaching their individual potential and becoming successful citizens in today's world.

Recommended Collections

The collections in this section contain Elementary English Language Arts lessons, activities, and other resources from the eMedia library that have been evaluated and aligned by Utah ELA educators.

Early Literacy Resources

The resource repository in this section was curated to meet the requirements in SB 127 (2022). Here you will find science of reading resources sorted by audience, including parents, teachers, literacy coaches, school leaders, district/charter (LEA) leaders, and education preparation programs.

Classroom Examples

In this section, you will find videos of Utah educators demonstrating high-quality literacy instruction.

Additional Resources

The collections in this section contain additional English Language Arts resources. They have been contributed by various providers and educators. Some resources in this section have not yet been reviewed by Utah educators.


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