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"Help your students learn in new ways with augmented reality (AR) apps on iPad. With AR, lessons become more personal and meaningful as students are able to interact with life-size and lifelike objects, relate abstract concepts to their immediate surroundings, and actively explore everything from the details of an iconic monument to the wonders of outer space" (Apple Teacher).

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Augmented Reality in Education Lesson Ideas
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Augmented reality (AR) allows students to learn about the world by enhancing how they can relate to, contextualize, and interact with it through movement and active exploration.With iPad, students can use AR to explore outer esace, immerse themselves in the wonders of the world, and examine art and historical artifacts from national museums—in any learning environment. They can visualize experiences that would be impossible to see otherwise.Whether you want to extend an existing lesson or inesire new ones, you can use and apply AR in math and science, language arts, history, and social studies to elevate engagement, deepen understanding, and make learning more personal and meaningful for students of all ages.

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