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This is a lesson plan created by Mikayla Judd. The lesson plan talks about how to help students multiply and divide fractions using a task based instruction. Once students have mastered the skill, they will create a digital story explaining how to solve problems that multiply and divide fractions. 
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Lesson Plan Template
Secondary Mathematics
Middle School
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Mikayla on Aug 06, 05:19pm

Changes I've Made
1. Changed the thumbnail image to be a screenshot of the digital story I've created to be used as an example in the summative assessment.
2. I added standard tags
3. I added platforms students needed to be familiar with in order to create a digital story
4. I added a section where the teacher does an example problem in a whole group setting for a formative assessment
5. I added an accommodations section
6. I added an extension activity
7. I added an example to the summative assessment
8. I modified the overview section

Sarah on Aug 03, 05:43pm

Great job on this lesson!
Something I like about this lesson is how you listed the specific mathematical vocabulary that the teacher needed to know in order to teach this lesson.
An opportunity for improving this resource would be to include the digital platform(s) that the students would need to be familiar with in order to complete their digital story.
Something about this resource I wonder is if incorporating a review problem on the board, in a whole group setting, after each video would be helpful to students before breaking into their small groups?
One new idea in the design of this resource would be to share at least one other teaching resource for presenting new information to students.



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