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    Modified Handball Lesson Plan

    Modified Handball Lesson Plan


    In this lesson plan, students will learn how to play a proper game of modified handball.


    Author: Rachel Miller

    Subject: Modified handball

    Grade Level: High School

    Lesson Length: 60 minutes

    Background for Teachers

    Equipment Needed: 

    • 2 chairs
    • Ball (brightly colored nerf ball is best)
    • Team jerseys

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Step 1 Goals and Outcomes


      • Use good teamwork and sportsmanship in a game of handball.

      Step 2 - Planning Instruction

      Step 2 Planning Instruction


      • You can also limit your goalies' abilities by using cloth strips to inhibit vision or motor ability.
      • A person in a wheelchair may wheel around in a circle to find open teammates once they have caught the ball.
      • Different types of balls or objects may be used to increase or decrease difficulty.

      Step 3 - Instruction

      Step 3 Instruction

      Set Up:

      Place one chair at each end of the playing area. The goalie will sit here. Define a 3’x4’ safety area around the goalie. Defensive players cannot enter this area.

      To Play:

      Divide the class into teams of 7-10. If you have more than 2 teams you could start a second game (if space allows) or have the extra teams stand on the sidelines to catch the ball. If playing with 3 or more teams decide on a time limit (maybe 3 minutes) and rotate teams in. 

      One student from each team sits in the chair and becomes the goalie. Each team spreads out on their half of the playing area. The goalies are placed on the opposite ends of where their teammates are. In other words, the goalies will be facing their teammates at the start. The object of the game is to pass the ball from teammate to teammate until the goalie catches the ball.  Once the goalie catches the ball they score a point and the other team gets the ball.

      Basic Rules:

      • After catching the ball a player cannot walk more than 2 steps (or move his/her chair). If he/she does, then traveling is called and the other team is awarded the ball. A person in a wheelchair may wheel around in a circle to find open teammates.

      • Players may use a pivot foot/wheel as in basketball.

      • If the ball touches the floor, (i.e. a teammate drops the ball or has it batted down when throwing), the other team is awarded the ball.

      • Defensive players must stay at least 1-2 ft. (your decision) from the offensive player. This should limit fouls and some possible rough play.

      Teaching Suggestions:

      • Encourage your students to use short passes to work the ball to their goalie. Maybe give them extra points for making 4 passes in a row successfully.
      • If outdoors use a frisbee instead of a foam ball.
      • Give points to the team using good sportsmanship. You will have to define what this is however.

      Step 4 - Assessments

      Step 4 Assessments


      • Have students complete an entire game of handball with good teamwork and proper rules.