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This lesson plan has been created to help students build their annotation skills, close reading skills, and ability to identify and analyze the central idea of a text.  This lesson plan also has been created to build digital annotation skills using the Pages application for iPad.  The overall outcome of this lesson plan is to show students the benefits of annotating a text using a digital tool and then taking the information from a text and applying it to create a Public Service Announcement that will bring awareness to a real-world issue or historical event that has had a large impact on our society.  
Literature, English Language Arts, Secondary English Language Arts, Technology, Social Studies
Middle School, High School
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Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Lesson Plan, Reading
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Kevin Peel on Jul 01, 01:03pm

A fun way to learn how to use some technological tools, make a product, and learn about an interesting and important topic in American history.



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