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    Activity - Dream Snow

    Activity - Dream Snow


    Child(ren) will interact with toy animals representing the farm animals discussed in Dream Snow by Eric Carle. Child(ren) will make animal sounds, sort, and sequence animals as they were named in the book.


    Have small gift bags to place farm animals in and cover with white tissue paper.  Label the gift tag or bag with the words One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.  You can also add the numerals and dots or draw snowflakes to each tag to scaffold the activity.  As children interact with the animals, ask them to label them by identifying them, play with the sounds they make, and place them in the correct bag  by the names the farmer gave them. As you clean up, place the animals in the correct bags and use the white tissue paper to cover them with snow. You can also sequence the bags in numerical order from 1-5. 


    • Small gift bags
    • White tissue paper
    • Labels for each bag
    • Toy animals:
      • Cow
      • Horse
      • Sheep
      • Rooster
      • Pig

    Children’s Book Dream Snow by Eric Carle

    Background for Teachers/Parents

    Read the book a few times to help them learn the order of the animals to help with proper placement


    Intended Learning Outcomes

    • Children will understand words have meaning. 
    • Children will place animals in sequential order. 

    Time Frame & Group Size

    Time Frame: 15 minutes

    Group Size: Individual or small group


    Main Standards: 

    • ELA 3 & 4 yr.2.3

    Additional Core Standards: 

    • Math 3 & 4 yr.1.2
    • ELA 3 & 4 yr.1.5



    Jamie Robinson