This is a lesson plan will introduce 2nd graders to the concept of odd and even numbers through a fun story called Even Steven and Odd Todd.  Students will learn to pair manipulatives and count by 2's to see the difference between odd and even numbers.  Preview image:  by Lori Eastin  
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LORI on Oct 19, 04:45pm

I have revised this lesson plan after receiving feedback on it. I have changed the viewing of the read aloud to include some pause time for students to generate a list of items each boy likes. I feel this is a better way to approach the story so the students are more able to come up with ideas instead of waiting until the end of the book. I was made aware that my rubric needed some point values. I have added that as well to help with assessing the assignment.
The comment was made on whether or not the headings in each section are necessary. After considering this idea, I feel that they may not be necessary, but I think the headings help make the sections that have a lot of content easier to read and follow. Lastly, I decided to change the amount of objects the students need to be able to count prior to instruction from 10 to 20 in order to meet the standard for this concept.

Amy Nielson on Oct 15, 03:55pm

Great lesson, Lori!
Something I like about this resource is the background for teacher resources. I liked how you includes the materials in this section as well as providing some other supporting videos. I also like the rubric for student assessment.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource might be assigning point value to the rubric. I like the tie to the standard. In the summary before you view resource it states that it is a math resource. In the first section I think it says 2nd Grade Science.
Something I wonder about this resource is will second graders be able to remember examples of the numbers after listening to the book? I wonder if would be beneficial to occasionally pause the read aloud and have students create a list together during the reading instead of all at the end.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource may be whether or not to include the headings in your own remixed version. They are very helpful in knowing what should be included in the section and include good visual interest. Is it needful for other users to read through the content when using the lesson plan? It’s something I debated when creating my draft as well.

LORI @Amy Nielson on Oct 16, 08:59pm

Hi Amy,
Thanks for giving me feedback on my lesson plan! I'm especially glad you caught the disparity between the overview subject of the resource (math) and the summary subject (science). I don't know what was going on in my head at the time!
I really like your suggestion to stop the read aloud and have the students make a list of the numbers instead of waiting until the end. I agree it would be hard for them to remember. I want to make sure I understand the new idea to consider. Are you talking about the headings like teach, guided activity, and independent activity within the instruction section? If you are, I want to be able take your suggestion into consideration.
Thanks again,



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