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This is a lesson about the 4 seasons. The goal is for students to learn the identifying characteristics and names of all four seasons. This lesson incorporates stories, songs, and hands-on activities to learn about all four seasons. This lesson is adaptable and includes accommodation ideas to meet student needs. This lesson will take approximately 80 minutes. 
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Mykel Johnson on Aug 09, 11:40pm

Edited to add the following:
In the teacher background section:
1. In this lesson, I refer to the use of "caught ya" tickets. These are carnival tickets used in my classroom given to students when they are caught doing a good job, being on task, and working diligently. These are turned in for a chance to win a prize from the prize bin on Fridays. This can be altered to whatever classroom management you use in your classroom. 

2. This lesson could be broken into multiple days if better suited for your students and schedule. It could be structured like the following or be flexible to meet your classroom needs:

Day 1: Exploration & Modeling sections (20 mins)

Day 2: Guided Practice (25 minutes)

Day 3: Independent Student Practice & Closing Procedures (35 minutes)

In the instructor notes for the instructional procedures:

 A word bank could be given to students for this section if you choose. The word bank could include the following words & be altered to your liking: 

Spring, summer, winter, fall, leaves, rain, snow, flowers, hot, cold, warm, cool, rotation, change of colors, ice, blooming, green

Jodi on Aug 04, 09:52pm

There were many things I liked about this resource. Engaging songs and video links are included (Jack Hartmann's songs are one of my favorites!) During the exploration activity, students work with their elbow partner sharing what they already know about seasons, activating prior knowledge. I appreciate the fast finisher prompt and the opportunity to share and discuss a few new advanced vocabulary words from the video.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is possibly breaking the lesson into multiple days. There are so many valuable resources included and it might be a lot for just one lesson/day.
Something I wonder about this resource is, what are the "caught ya" tickets and what do you use them for?
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is including or creating a wordbank for students to use for their independent practice. They might be more likely to include these words in their writing if they know where they can easily find the words.



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