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This lesson plan reviews direct and indirect characterizations, which students can use to aid them in writing a character analysis short essay.  Students will be introduced to the S.T.E.A.L. method, which they will use to identify a character's traits, motives, and physiological makeup.  This resource has been created for secondary levels. This lesson plan can be used to supplement any Literary Element Unit.
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Kevin Peel on Jun 04, 03:33pm

Effective lesson plan that is easy to execute in the classroom, involving some discussion and scaffolding before the assessment. Looks fun. I wonder how it can include more interaction with technology tools.

Travis Foster on Aug 07, 10:47pm

I have made a couple of changes to my lesson plan since my first draft. I have added to the overview of the lesson plan and expanded upon the student outcomes and goals that the students should be able to achieve during this lesson plan. I have also made some clarifications on instructions throughout the lesson. The last thing that I added was a second option to access the student's understanding of the subject of characterization. I added a more creative option for students to do in order to demonstrate their understanding and mastering of the subject. Overall, I think my lesson meets all of the major requirements and suggestions that have been given by the instructor of the course and the 1 student review.

Travis Foster on Aug 07, 10:42pm

Thank you Sherrie for the feedback for my lesson, I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

Sherrie on Aug 06, 08:51pm

Something I like about this resource is it is very easy to follow. The instructions are clear and well thought out. I also like the videos. They are of high interest to the age group, being entertaining while educational. An opportunity for improvement of this resource could be to include an example of a student essay. Something I wonder about this resource is if there could be a creative writing extension where students practice writing examples of direct and indirect characterization. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is perhaps a digital option for the student essay, again as a possible extension. Well done!



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