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Students will be learning how to successfully code a robot. Each student will pick a card and locate that number on a board. They will need to break down each individual step to sequence the bee-bot to the correct spot. Core standards:Algorithms and ProgrammingComputational ThinkingStandard K.CT.1Decompose problems into smaller manageable parts to better understand them.
Elementary Mathematics, Computer Science
Lower Elementary
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Jodi on Aug 15, 10:43pm

-I included warming up with 0-20 flashcards prior to beginning this lesson.
-I included an additional extension activity teachers could use to have students code number sentences.

Mykel Johnson on Aug 06, 01:49am

Something I like about this resource is how relevant this could be to my students too! We have beebots that my students love & this lesson would be great! I love that this allows a fun way for students to practice identifying numbers & coding! So fun!

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is maybe by incorporating a number identification warm-up where students can review the numbers 1-20. I know that for my students sometimes have to warm up and give themselves a few seconds to think about the numbers. If they had a chance for a "warm-up" it may allow them more successful when they get to the beebot coding portion of the lesson. Just an idea!

Something I wonder about this resource is if you could modify this lesson for older grades and use multiplication and division for them to solve to get to the numbers! This would add just a bit more rigor and align with their standards while retaining the lesson.

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is possibly adapting or extending it to include math facts down the line once students have mastered number identification. They could be given a addition or subtraction problem and they must solve and get their beebot to that number. This could be a fun extension or way to continue using beebots for a math/coding integration.


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