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This is a lesson plan designed to help students construct the concept of a square root in relation to the area and side length of a square.  Students will also connect the square root as the undoing of a number that has been squared. A key mathematical concept.
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Mikki Stuart on Jul 27, 12:13pm

Updates to the lesson:
Student pre-requisites skills have been added to the background knowledge for teachers.
2 possible extension activities have been added to the instruction section of the lesson.

Caroline on Jul 27, 11:49am

I really liked how interactive this lesson is and that students are working in collaborative groups in some part of the lesson. Also, students have an engaging task that incorporates a scaffolded approach to the concept. An opportunity for improvement of this resource is providing an extension for students that already have an understanding of the concept or understand the concept quickly. Something I wonder about this resource is how much background there needs to be in order to have students engage in the lesson successfully. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to pair students up and have them create their own math task that is focused on the math concept.



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