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This lesson plan is designed to help lower grade teachers teach their students to compare different animals. The activity in the lesson can be completed in 30-40 minutes in small groups as part of a whole group lesson in person or online.  The lesson plan is created by the author using resources from Youtube, and World Book."American black bear with cubs" World Book Kids, World Book, 2022. Online image, Accessed 25 Jun. 2022.
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Lesson Plan Template
Lower Elementary
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Madison Thompson on Jul 24, 01:58am

I made a few changes based on the feedback I received. The first thing I changed was I created an example of the completely google doc for teachers or students to see. I added a learning intention that had a higher DOK level by having the student write comparisons. I also changed the word survey to better show the form was a summary of what they did. On the form I added a question that had the students write their comparisons. I also added a printable version of the form so teachers could choose how to give the assessment.

Jonathan on Jul 23, 10:17am

I like this lesson! Something I like about the resource is that it has the students working together and comparing different animals. It seems like it will be a fun lesson for the students. I like the assessment pieces and think it will do a good job of assessing the students' learning. I wonder if there is a better way to assess their learning besides a survey. Do your students use forms a lot? Do they use Google Classroom or Canvas ever? An opportunity for improvement is the learning outcomes could be a higher DOK level. I believe identify and state are both DOK 1. I know during the lesson students are asked to compare animals. Comparing is a higher DOK level and it might be good to include that in the lesson objectives/outcomes. One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is providing the students with an example.



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