This lesson is to help early readers and non readers understand and recall information from the story Caps for Sale, by Esphyr Slobodkina. This lesson is primarily for preschool children, but can be used with kindergarteners. Children will listen to the story of a peddler trying to sell his caps. The peddler takes a rest under a tree and when he awaks, the caps, which he keeps on his head, have vanished. He looks around and finally realizes that it's monkeys in a tree who have taken his caps. Once the story is read, children will choose a stick out a jar, containing a question or prompt about the book. This lesson is designed for a small group (3-5) of children. There are several extensions that can be done with this lesson including acting out the story and a small art project. 
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Rachel on Apr 19, 02:17pm

Thanks to peer review comments, I made some improvements and revisions on my lesson plan. In the instruction section I added example prompts and questions for the popsicle sticks. I flushed out some of my summaries and explanations so that my lesson had more details. I included a list of other books that can be used with the same popsicle sticks and are appropriate for the preschool/kindergarten level. I liked the idea of including some drama and art as extensions to my lesson so that was also added.

Lydia on Apr 18, 09:05am

Something I like about this resource is that you used Popsicle sticks with prompts that students could answer. I love that this has the potential to be used for other lessons.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is listing some example prompts that you would put on the sticks.
Something I wonder about this resource is what they are expected to do for retell at that age.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to include art as a part of their retell.


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