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This activity is intended to assess your 3rd grade students' ability to find area and perimeter of rectangles and squares. Students will be creating a robot using Google Drawing. They will then find the area and perimeter of each piece of the robot. Once they have found the area and perimeter for each shape in their robot, students will calculate the total area and perimeter of the robot. Photo by Eric Krull on Unsplash
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Laura on Apr 16, 10:45pm

I hyperlinked each url for easy access to the videos. I added an example for teachers to use as a reference. I made the revision to include partners if desired. I also added a step that included having the teacher demonstrate creating a robot. I missed the step of finding the perimeter of the individual shapes in the first plan, so that has been remedied as well.

Angela on Apr 14, 03:38pm

This is a great lesson! I liked that paper, pencil, and the computer were used for students to show their work! Thanks for posting the great YouTube videos!
Opportunity for improvement- Could the students work in partners so they could help each other?
Something I wonder about this resource- I wonder if it would be helpful for students if the teacher showed how to create a robot using area and perimeter. This would help so that the teacher wasn’t answering the same questions over and over. Another idea- Give all students the same measurements.
One new idea to consider-If the students were given all the same measurements, the teacher could have everyone share their robots to see if the robots all looked the same!



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