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This is a lesson about community helpers! This is a lesson for preschool children. Citation for thumbnail image: Public Domain Dedication from
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Erin Ropelato on Apr 22, 11:43pm

I really like the variety of activities in this lesson--dress-up, discussion, video, music, drawing, etc.
Something that could be improved might be to add a picture book about community helpers. I think it would be helpful to add a visual aspect to the guessing game. I wonder if adding a word card for each community helper's name also adds to the lesson. I know they are preschool children but showing them what the word "doctor" looks like and connecting it with the picture of a doctor could be beneficial for many children.
One way to add to this resource may be several games or centers children could do to learn more about each community helper.

Angela on Apr 18, 09:40pm

Here is a list of changes I made to this lesson plan.
Background for teachers- Here is a website with helpful information for teaching community helpers to preschool students.
Goals and outline- Added Preschool Standard for this lesson- Utah Core Standards for Early Learning (ages 3- 5)
Standard SS 3 yr.3.1 Recognize people and places within the home, classroom, school, neighborhood, and community.
Planning instructions- changed mail man to mail carrier, added YouTube video links, added accommodations based on student needs
Instruction part- Added think, pair, share moment to lesson so students can help each other think of ideas for the assignment.

Laura on Apr 16, 10:32pm

Something I like in your lesson is the hands on interaction the students get with the outfits. Dressing up is so fun for kids, and this can really help them feel like they are that person while they are dressed up.
An opportunity for improvement would be to have the students do a think/pair/share, or a carpet share about what they want to be before going to the table and getting the supplies. I think it could be helpful to have the students talk it out a little before sending them to their desk to do the assignment.
Something I wonder about this resource is what if your students can't figure out the clues? Is there a plan in place or do you just tell them?
One thing to consider in the design of the resource would be to possibly do the dress up right after the guessing game to help connect the two activities. You could then talk about the community helpers referencing the people they dressed up as.
Your lesson was great and I think your students are going to love it!


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