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A great first lesson to introduce your students to writing creative scary stories!
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Lesson Plan Template
Secondary English Language Arts
Middle School
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Shelbi on Feb 18, 08:25pm

Something I like about this resource is that you have them do a gallery walk and interact with other classmates.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to be more specific on differentiated instruction. I would like to see more ideas of how you would differentiate it instead of just saying that it can be changed for whatever we need. Also the audience chart could be changed. I think with this being a secondary level the students should ask the same questions to each classmate they interview. Then make sure to tell them how many they have to interview. Such as you have time to interview three peers and write down their responses. The questions are not too difficult and I think all 4 questions could be asked to 4 different people and the chart could be tweaked quickly to make it set up for 4 people to interview and being asked those 4 questions.
Something I wonder about this resource is possibly having some students and even parents that do not want their students to create or read scary stories.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is that it would be good to include how you would alter this lesson for individuals to participate with a different genre.

Megan @Shelbi on Feb 19, 07:46pm

Shelbi, thanks for the awesome feedback and ideas! Here are a few of the changes I made:
- made a note to make sure stories are age appropriate and approved by school
- included a section that gives suggestions for applying the lesson to other genres
- included a section that gives brief suggestions for differentiating the lesson for various learners
- modified graphic organizer to encourage students to interview multiple students and be accountable for their responses



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