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This is a lesson plan that fits the core curriculum for 2nd grade social studies. Students will be able to identify and label the seven continents, five oceans, two poles, and the equator on a map. Thumbnail: "World Political Map." Gale Elementary Online Collection, Gale, a Cengage Company, 2020. Gale In Context: Elementary, Accessed 31 July 2022.
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Lesson Plan Template
Social Studies
Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary
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Alisa on Aug 10, 01:40pm

For this lesson plan, I revised and added a few things. I added two enrichment activities. One is a sorting game, and one is a research project that includes a mapping activity. I also modified the time frame of this lesson and it can be split up into multiple days or weeks. There is an informal assessment imbedded in the videos, and teachers could also add a word bank on the whiteboard with the correct names and spellings of the continents, oceans, poles, and equator to help younger students be able to correctly label their maps. I changed some of my images and files as well to open educational resources.

Allie on Aug 05, 07:35pm

Something I like about this resource is that it allows for students to brainstorm together to start thinking about Earth and what they know.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is having a few questions to prompt students in the case students are stuck on the WHAT section.
Something I wonder about this resource is how it can be modified to fit in with 4th grade geography and map standards.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is including ways to adjust for different ability levels, such as and extension for fast-finishing students.

Kellie Janes on Aug 04, 03:01pm

This is a useful lesson plan. I liked your choice of using the KWL chart for this lesson and I agree with your decision to ask students to come up to the class KWL chart to write what they know about the topic and what they want to learn about it. This is a great way to assess prior knowledge and create engagement. Having taught second graders for the first time last year, I know how they enjoy participating and writing on the board.

One thing I would do differently is to break up the two films. I think for the attention span of this age group I would suggest watching one film, labeling the continents or oceans, then watching the other film and then labeling the worksheet with the new knowledge.

I taught my second grade students this material last year at the very end of the year. I found that I really had only two students out of twenty three that knew there were seven continents and they wouldn’t have been able to have labeled them on a map before our lessons on this topic. They knew the two major oceans but not all five. I wonder how the students will do on this post assessment having to label fifteen items? Do you think this knowledge needs reviewing to be cemented for retrieval? I think I would review it as a class for at least a week before giving the post assessment.

An idea that I had was to include a word bank for the post test, they would also need that when labeling their maps.



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