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Students will explore a Hyperdoc to understand the Six Basic Nutrients.  Each Nutrient has an article for students to explore, and an EdPuzzle.  Teachers need to be aware they will need to update the EdPuzzle links (these are currently shared links).  From their EdPuzzle account, teachers should get the assigned links to assign the EdPuzzles to their students, and update these in the hyperdoc.  
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Jeffrey on Dec 03, 02:37pm

I went through this lesson with two students. I found the content to be thorough and appropriate for 7th graders. The students seemed to have difficulty reading the Google Document hyperdoc. The colors and fonts chosen seemed to throw them off. They also complained that the questions in the Edpuzzle were trick questions. The "trick" was that the "True" and "False" options switched positions and they tended to misread of the words (e.g. dehydration instead of hydration). I think they learned a lesson in paying closer attention to the questions.

Amy Lloyd @Jeffrey on Dec 04, 12:42pm

Thanks, I have updated the colors. I know sometimes everything looks great on a computer, though it can be difficult to read on a Chromebook. Hopefully that helps.

Tanya on Dec 02, 04:15pm

I chose to review your lesson because the cute thumbnail caught my attention. I really liked that you included strategies for different learners and information that teachers may need before implementing the lesson. The hyperlink was also colorful and easy to follow. I appreciated the attached rubric. The only thing I would advise to change is the description portion. It is still at the default from the template. It could easily be updated to describe your great lesson! Good job!

Amy Lloyd @Tanya on Dec 04, 12:43pm

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated the description.



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