This lesson is created and intended for a Photography 1 classroom at the 10-12 grade level. This lesson teaches students about composition techniques to help improve their photographic compositions. Before teaching this lesson, you may want to review other easier composition techniques with your students (ie. Rule of Thirds, Angle of View, and Filling the Frame). This lesson is interactive, using Nearpod Presentations to teach the main concept. This lesson can be used in an entirely virtual classroom, or an in- person clasroom! It is flexible & fun for all types of learning! 
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Angelica Barney on Oct 19, 05:26pm

Somethings I like about this resource are that you have provided a lot of resources for this lesson; not only for the students but for the teacher as well. You also included tips and warnings for the teacher. This will help the teacher be more prepared when teaching with your lesson. Well thought out and well explained!

An opportunity for improvement of this resource is providing at least one student example so that the teacher can share with students if needed. I was also unable to open the following file: Leading Line Printable Worksheet (Optional). I would fix that.

Something I wonder about this resource is does it really take students only one class period to fully complete the assignment or does it run into the following class period?

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is putting all tips or warnings for teachers in the optional location when you edit. It will separate it from the regular/general instructions.

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