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High School Level Drawing Lesson was developed with the purpose of helping students learn to see basic shapes inside complex forms so that they can create a more accurate drawing or final work of art.  This lesson is a HyperDoc lesson designed to allow students to work at different speeds and navigate learning in a way that works best for their learning. They will be expected to reflect on their learning and apply what they learned to by creating a final work of art using this specific drawing technique.It is a great way to include Technology into your classroom without all the hard work! 
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Marcos on Jul 21, 11:31am

This high school drawing lesson effectively teaches students to identify basic shapes within complex forms, enhancing their drawing skills. The HyperDoc format allows for self-paced learning, fostering independence and personalized instruction. Integrating technology seamlessly, encourages student reflection and creativity, resulting in accurate, final artwork

Angelica Barney on Oct 19, 05:29pm

I love the feedback that I received, especially because it is from another art teacher! These are some the changes I made to my lesson:

· I removed the free choice draw and replaced it with their spirit animal. So now, students are asked to find a picture of their spirit animal and draw it using the same drawing technique!

· I included a sketchbook example in the slideshow so that students could have a visual of how to set up their drawings. I also added a tip for one of the images to make it easier for students.

· I also added a before and after to the Hyperdoc and to the lesson on eMedia.

· I added a starter to the lesson that asks students “What do you think your spirit animal is?” Have them find a reference photo and spend 10 minutes drawing it in their sketchbooks.

Robyn on Oct 18, 01:40pm

Something I like about this resource is that your lesson plan is very easy to follow for your students, your explanation is not too wordy, and it's concise so that a teacher reading the resource can understand the lesson very simply. I do love that the lesson comes fully prepared, so a teacher could look at this resource, and apply it in their classroom immediately! I could see a lot of teachers really enjoying the Hyperdoc part of this lesson & being inspired to use it, create their own, or remix yours. I also love how fun the Hyperdoc is, and I really think students would love learning this way! I think they would enjoy the quiz part, where you figure out what your spirit animal is!

An opportunity for improvement of this resource would be to provide some examples of your own work on the hyperdoc so that students can see what is expected of them. I think they would really appreciate an example of what their sketches should look like.

Something I wonder about this resource is I wonder if you have any cool starter activities that you could include in the lesson so that the teacher can assess the student's prior knowledge before beginning this new topic.

One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to consider creating some sort of starter for this resource would be great because it would be an easy informal assessment to see where every student is at. I think it could also be fun to see their "before" and "after" once they are done with the assignment. I also think that you could ask the student prior to the lesson, what do you think your spirit animal is? And then when they do the quiz, they can see if they agree or disagree. It could be cool to have the students draw their spirit animal in the box #4 section or in the second section of the google doc. This would help the students move quicker through the lesson, since often they spend SO much time just looking for a reference photograph.


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