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    How To See & Draw Basic Shapes Within Objects Lesson

    How To See & Draw Basic Shapes Within Objects Lesson


    High School Level Drawing Lesson was developed with the purpose of helping students learn to see basic shapes inside complex forms so that they can create a more accurate drawing or final work of art.  

    This lesson is a HyperDoc lesson designed to allow students to work at different speeds and navigate learning in a way that works best for their learning. They will be expected to reflect on their learning and apply what they learned to by creating a final work of art using this specific drawing technique.

    It is a great way to include Technology into your classroom without all the hard work! 


    The purpose of this assignment is to learn to see basic shapes inside complex forms to create a more accurate drawing and reflect on drawing technique learned to create a final work of art

    • Time frame:  4 Class Periods 
    • Format: Face-to-face or Virtual Learning
    • Author: Angelica Barney

    Utah Core Objective(s)

    Strand: CREATE (L1.V.CR.)
    Students will generate artistic work by conceptualizing, organizing, and completing their artistic ideas. They will refine original work through persistence, reflection, and evaluation (Standards L1.V.CR.1–6).

    Standard L1.V.CR.1:
    Use multiple approaches to begin creative endeavors.

    Standard L1.V.CR.6:
    Apply relevant criteria from traditional and contemporary cultural contexts to examine, reflect on, and plan revisions for works of art and design in progress.

    Background for Teachers

    This lesson is a HyperDoc!

    HyperDocs are designed to allow students to work at different speeds and navigate learning in a way that works best for their learning.

    Encourage students to: 

    • Pause a video or replay it.
    • Explore a website a little more or technique before moving on.

    Teacher Knowledge: 

    You will need knowledge about how to draw simple shapes inside complex subjects. Use the following link to help guide your understanding. How to Start Drawing Using Simple Shapes


    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Teacher should be walking around and giving feedback one on one with students while they work on the HyperDoc and inside their sketchbooks.

    Teacher could also demostrate the technique in class for those who need it. 

    Learning Intentions: 

    Students will be able to. . . 

    • Develop eye hand coordination by comparing their drawings to the reference photos.
    • Practice drawing basic shapes inside complex forms. 
    • Gain a better understanding of proportion by comparing relationships of the size of one element when compared to another. 

    Success  Criteria:

    Students will . . . 

    • Reflect and think about their learning by answering the questions within the Hyperdoc lesson. 
    • Apply what they learned by creating a digital version of basic shapes found within an animal. 
    • Practice developing correct proportions using the basic shapes drawing technique within their sketchbooks. 

    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Student Background Knowledge

    Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of basic shapes (Ovals, circles, squares, rectangles, triangles) and how to create contour lines. 

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    The lesson can be adjusted by. . .

    • Translating the google doc for Multi English Learners. How to Translate a Google Doc
    • Change the size of paper or drawing medium. 
    • Allow students to use other Technology tools to develop their digital version. 
    • Creating examples that show students how you would break down the shapes.


    Step 3 - Instruction

    Instructional Procesdures: 

    1. Students begin with a 10 minute Starter: Ask Students "What do you think your spirit animal is?" Have them find a refernece photo and sketch it in their sketchbooks. 
    2. Introduce students to how a hyperdoc works. Make sure to ask for clarify questions. 
    3. Student begin Hyperdoc Lesson.
    4. Give students the freedom to move at their own pace. Remind students to pause/replay or explore a website a little more if needed. 
    5. Have students aprove their digital basic shapes animal before moving on to the stage of the hyperdoc.
    6. Encourage students to study the image before they try to draw it. 
    7. Demo Basic Shapes Technique with students who are struggling. 
    8. Students who understand the assignment well. Encourage them to do more. Draw on a bigger paper or draw a more complex object. 
    9. Students should reflect on their learning by answering questions in the hyperdoc and post a picture of their "Before" and "After" photos on their Spirit Animals. 

    Files: Make sure to create a copy for your own google drive!  

    Links are found within the Hyperdoc. 


    Step 4 - Assessments


    • Students Self-Monitoring and following each stage of the Hyperdoc. 
      • Check the Rubric to see if they meet all requirments. 
    • Teacher Monitoring and checking for understanding by asking students questions or looking at their drawings as they draw. 
    • Formative assessment is the final Hyperdoc that students are expected to turn in. 
      • It should include their "Before" and "After" photos of their Spirit Animals. 
      • Rubric will be used to grade students. 
    • *Summative assessment - Students show what they learned in a final project (*Seperate Drawing Assignment)