The purpose of this lesson is to show students how to break up land division and survey their own property.  Students will gain a knowledge of how surveyor's come about dictating property lines.  The lesson gives a greater understanding of Law of Cosines and Heron's Formula. Image Reference:Lars H. Rohwedder, Sarregouset - Own work from source files Image:OgaPeninsulaAkiJpLandsat.jpg (GFDL) and Image:Orthographic Projection Japan.jpg (GFDL and CC-By-SA).
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Katie Blunt on Oct 20, 02:58pm

Something I like about this resource is the real-world application of mathematics. I like that the activity is hands-on and applies to something professionals would do. I also like that the instruction includes an introduction, guided practice, independent practice, and a closing.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is to do another readthrough or ask a colleague to proofread for you. There are a handful of typos that need to be edited. There are also a couple of sections in the instruction that repeat -- as if they were copied and pasted multiple times by accident.
Something I wonder about this resource is what questions are included on the preassessment quiz -- the quiz you use to ensure students understand the math they will need for the activity. Could you include this as a file upload?
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is to write the plan with other teachers in mind. Right now, there are several sections that are specifically addressing the needs and experiences of your current students, which is great for you, but since this lesson plan is being shared with other Utah educators, consider making the plan more general so that it could be used by another math teacher during any school year.

Sharon Pinkerton @Katie Blunt on Oct 20, 07:07pm

Thank you Mrs. Blunt, I have gone through and fixed your suggestions. Thanks again for your time. I needed to get this done before I left for the week.

Sharon Pinkerton on Oct 14, 09:14pm

I have added an image reference and a rubric.



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