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This is a lesson plan used in Early Childhood Education1 to teach students about Creative Arts. Course is for 10-12th grade.
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Erin on Jun 12, 07:24pm

With no option for my subject to align the standards, they will not show up in the Standards section on the overview page. I have added the standards and a link in the summary of the resource. Click 'view resource' to find the standards this resource aligns with. I have also added where students have an opportunity to work individually or with a partner. And thanks for the suggestion. I have added a space where students can upload their pictures to a class slideshow that the teacher can project and allow the sharing of class work.

Katie Blunt @Erin on Jun 23, 01:34pm

Thank you, Erin. The Early Childhood Education CTE standards are on our list of standards to be added to eMedia. You should see them there soon!

Xuexian on Jun 05, 03:54pm

Something I like about this resource is that you have attached the resources needed for this class and it is very easy to use.
An opportunity for improvement of this resource is that it is not aligned to a standard and it would be good to know which standard is related to it.
Something I wonder about this resource is the students can work in groups to complete this activity or they have to do it individually.
One new idea to consider in the design of this resource is can the work of the students be shared to the class digitally on padlet to see others students and creation or work.


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