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This lesson plan is a way for students to create a movie/commerical highligthing the music they are learning in class and encouraging their friends to join them. Image: Musical Instruments Cliparts #2512969 http://clipart-library.com/clipart/681202.htm
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Lesson Plan Template
Music, Media and Communications
Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School
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Assessment, Lesson Plan
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Melynne on Apr 09, 10:36pm

Something I really like about this resource is that you are using what students are already working on to do the lesson and to create the video. I also really liked your rubric and found it easy to understand and know exactly what you are looking for in their commercial.
One thing you could improve in the background section for teachers maybe instead of saying "you" use the word teachers. The lesson plan seems to be written for students to read and complete the assignment but also seemed as if you were giving the teacher instruction. So just to have that clear would help.
I wonder if a section on materials needed might be helpful so students know how they will be filming their videos and if that will be provided or if they are using their own phones or other cameras.
One new idea might be to make sure you are using the right phrasing. Either writing "you" as if talking to the students or teacher or referring to the students and teachers in 3rd person.
Great lesson thanks for sharing!

April @Melynne on Apr 13, 10:11pm

Thank you. These are great comments. Appreciate it!
I changed all of the "you"'s and "we"'s with the appropriate teacher and student. I also added a "materials" list to the Planning Instruction section.



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