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    Concert Commercial

    Concert Commercial


    This lesson plan is a way for students to create a movie/commerical highligthing the music they are learning in class and encouraging their friends to join them. 

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    In this lesson students will create a commercial for the school about an up coming concert. The goal is to be persuasive enough to fill the auditorium.

    • Time frame: 4 periods 45 minutes long (180 minutes total) 
    • Format: iMovie, small groups


    Background for Teachers

    To teach this lesson, teachers will need an understanding of how to use iMovie, to record, and then import music.

    There should be a way to broadcast commercials for the entire school (as part of a school wide Homeroom Student Body annoucnement broadcast for example).

    iMovie tutorial

    Trailer tutorial

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes

    Students will learn how to create a short video that will include:

    • a recording of the music they are currently working on
    • persuasive reasons why studying music is important, both to listen to (come to our concert) and join the group
    • and encourage group identity

    Students will show videos to student body


    Step 2 - Planning Instruction

    Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of persuasive reasons about why music is important. Check out these resources:

    Materials needed: iPad or iPhone used for capturing video, iMovie for editing and viewing. Storyboard for commerical filming planning. 

    Teachers will need to record the music each group is working on for the concert to be added to the commerical.

    Step 3 - Instruction

    Teachers will show students the rubric for assignment  highlighting: 1-3 minutes in length, 3 reasons why music is important, invites people to come to the concert.

    After dividing into small groups:

    45 minutes:

    1. Students will create a story board. Have students brainstorm at least three reasons why music is important: why someone would want to come to the concert or join the group next year. Students should incorporate these reasons into their commercial. Content should be at least 1 minute in length, but no longer than 3 minutes.

    Storyboard templates

    45 minutes:

    2. Students will film any videos needed with iPads or iPhones. 

    45 minutes:

    3. Teachers will share pre-recorded music from up-coming concert with students. Students will add the music to the background of their commercials. 

    4. Students will create and edit content in iMovie Trailer

    45 minutes:

    5. Students will show completed Trailers to the class

    At a later date:

    6. Teachers will broadcast commercials to the studenty body the week of the concert. 

    Step 4 - Assessments

    Teachers will grade projects on

    Assignment requirements: 1-3 minutes in length, 3 reasons why music is important, invites people to come to the concert.

    Organization: Presentation of commerical is logical, has clean editing, and is easily followed. 

    Purpose: Commerical's purpose to invite and encourage people to come to the concert.