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    Education Standards

    Animal Habitats and Survival Adaptations

    Animal Habitats and Survival Adaptations


    This is a lesson plan designed to teach students science standard 2 Standard 2.2.2
    Plan and carry out an investigation of the structure and function of plant and animal parts in different habitats. Emphasize how different plants and animals have different structures to survive in their habitat. Examples could include the shallow roots of a cactus in the desert or the seasonal changes in the fur coat of a wolf. (LS1.A, LS4.A, LS4.D)

    Students will demonstrate their knowledge by creating a newsletter using the Apple Pages app. 


    Students will identify a plant or animal that must adapt to its habitat to survive and create a newsletter about what it is, where it lives, how it adapts, and what would happen if it didn't. They will create a newsletter using the pages app.

    • 30 minutes - 1 hour
    • Synchronous
    • Just me and Strand 2.2: LIVING THINGS AND THEIR HABITATS Standard 2.2.2

    Background for Teachers

    In this section, explain what teachers need to know before teaching this lesson. This is a great place to include articles, files, and web links that will help teachers research the topic covered in the lesson. Here are some sentence starters that might help you compose this section of your lesson:

    • To teach this lesson, you will need an understanding of how plants and animals adapt to their habitat. You will need to know vocabulary consisting of habitat, adaptation, and instincts.
    • Search the following resources in Utah's Online Library for articles related to this lesson...
    1. Adaptations
    2. Animal Related Subjects
    3. Desert Plants

    Step 1 - Goals and Outcomes


    Learning Intentions:

    • Students will be able to document how a specific animal or plant adapts and survives in their habitat.
      • Ex. Students will be able to understand and report how a wolf in the mountains survives in the winter. 

    Success Criteria:

    • Students will be able to state
    1. what it is
    2. where it lives
    3. how it adapts
    4. what would happen if it didn't
    • present knowledge in pages app

    Step 2 - Planning Instruction


    Student Background Knowledge

    • Prior to this lesson, students will need to have an understanding of plants and animals that live in various habitats.

    Strategies for Diverse Learners

    Show a physical map and how there are forests, grasslands, deserts, mountains and polar regions, and aquatic habitats.

    Step 3 - Instruction

    Read What do Animals do in the Winter? and discuss hybernation, physical changes (adaptations), and migration. Watch Animal Adaptations video. Model how to make a newsletter on pages using a giraffe example. 

    Extention : Switchzoo

    Have students read and pick an animal or plant from Plant Adaptations or Animal do their newsletter report on. Once they complete their newsletter on pages, have them print it and share it within a small group.

    Step 4 - Assessments

    I will observe what each student comments during read alouds, powerpoint slides and listen to their report/ newsletter from pages.