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  • Unplugged Computer Science K-18
SFUSD's Creative Computing Science K-2 Curriculum Orange - Unit 3: Lesson 17
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In this lesson, students will learn about the concept of looping through both unplugged and programming-based activities. In the unplugged lesson, students will perform a simple dance using directions that have repeated commands. As a class, we will revise the directions to include loops. In ScratchJr, students will learn about changing the numbers on motion blocks and how to use the repeat and repeat forever blocks. They will use each of these blocks in ScratchJr projects that they build along with their teacher and class. The teacher can select the project involving loops, or s/he can select from three suggestions provided. (Full lesson plan coming soon!)

Computer Science
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Full Course
San Francisco Unified School District
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Unplugged Computer Science K-18
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